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Whether you call it coaching or consulting, our role is to be a conduit for your connection with yourself.



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Improving your life can only come from improving yourself. In my experience, only motivated men will seek this level of improvement. If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, you’ll want guidance and light from someone who has actually blazed that trail successfully and who understands you.

All of my coaching begins with a personal phone or video interview with me. We establish a connection and gauge your motivation to do the necessary work. I can only invest the vast resources and time in men who are ready to grow.

We move straight into the assessments of your current life, your perspective, and your mindset. This begins the 7 Day Reckoning process of becoming brutally honest and abundantly aware of your current position. We move to identifying where you want to go or be in your ideal life and why.

Next, we begin the work of converting your memorized suffering into positive habits for success. This 21 Day Power Shift strips away your old patterns and replaces them with awareness and life changing actions.

Finally, with new habits forming, we design and implement a 90 Day Lifestyle Shift complete with a targeted success plan. This is where you’ll convert your power and induce major changes in yourself and your life. With each progression along the target path, you’ll be actively engaged in creating the life you want and leaving a legacy for those you love.

Once you’re aware and creating, you will never go back to the same version of you or your old life. You will be empowered to continue growing. If at any time you feel yourself hitting a plateau, come back in for a new Shift. Rinse and repeat.

This is not hyper-motivation or a self help platform. This is real work with real purpose. It is a proven system with which you can actually make lasting changes in who you are and in what you’re capable. At Stand By Me, you’ll find a friend and brother walking with you instead of talking to you.

If you are ready for long term, life changing power…APPLY TODAY.

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