local peer support - northeast ohio (akron)

Even heroes need shelter.


Superman has the fortress of solitude. Batman has the bat cave. Zeus had Mt. Olympus. The President has the White House. Anyone with great power and responsibility needs a place to feel safe and plan the next great move. You, as the creator of your life with all the associated responsibilities, are no different.

As men, we feel we need to be strong and man handle everything. In doing so, we isolate ourselves and feel we are alone in the fight. We refuse to share our struggles. Consider this…pain divided becomes more tolerable & joy shared becomes more pleasant.

Being involved in a peer support group is not a cry for help or a sign of weakness like we imagine. It is, in fact, a display of strength and an offering of compassion. When you find a safe place to share your fears and triumphs, you are free to discover you are not alone. You connect with like-minded and like-experienced men.

We can help and support each other. We can be inspired and motivated by each other. We can grow together.

We can’t all be heroes every moment, but there are heroic traits in all of us. It is selfish to keep your heroism all to yourself. It is prideful to refuse the heroism of others. By connecting, we unify our heroism and magnify it for the good of all men.

We meet regularly with no obligations other than being real & honest. Whether you are in a dark place, a fog hiding your direction, or a healthy place, you are welcome and wanted. Join men from all over Northeast Ohio who are connecting and growing.

Akron, Ohio

Akron, Ohio

Pain divided is more tolerable…strength shared is magnified.